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Elementary and Secondary School Placement Services: Day and Boarding

A life changing choice

With hundreds of boarding school options and over fifty private schools in New Orleans to choose from, the elementary and secondary private school educational experience is an important choice for a student and their family. The goal is to have your child to develop his or her interests, talents and aspirations. With my assistance, your child have a better opportunity to do so through the careful selection of a school.

Overview of the process:


I begin with a meeting with the parent(s) or guardians where we discuss the expectations in a school and goals that you have for your child. At this time I request a developmental history, information about the student's previous experiences in schools, request school records, standardized testing if available and other relevant information. This session is followed by a meeting with the student. This initial conference with your family enables me to comprehensively evaluate your child’s academic needs, extracurricular interests, and personality. 


The strength of Prep Consulting is thorough research. With an incredible knowledge of school options, I review the information gathered and select school options in terms of your child’s individual needs, develop a list of recommended schools, and discuss with the schools how they might be a good match for your child. This may include talking with someone at your child’s school, or anyone who knows your child well to help with the selection process. We also offer an additional service of an in house Educational Therapist, Kate Novak, to review testing or evaluations for consideration. Kate is also available for informal and formal assessments if more information is needed about your child's academic skills.. 



Once the school research is completed, I provide a follow-up meeting and offer a list of which schools I feel are appropriate for consideration. We discuss the schools in detail, focusing on why they are appropriate options for your child, and we also go over the process of communicating with schools, school visits and the application timeline. I remain  involved in the application process to ensure that quality attention is given to facilitating your child’s selection of a new school.

Boarding School Consulting

Package rate:  Provided in consultation

Elementary and Secondary
Independent School Consulting

Package rate: Provided in consultation


Additional Services Offered:

The College Application Essay Writing Support
High School Application Student Essay Writing Support
Parent Essay Writing Support
Interview Preparation Sessions 
Educational Evaluation Review by Kate Novak, ET/P 

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